Atsakyti į pranešimą Australia to let more citizens come home
Australia to let more citizens come home

Prisijungė: 2020 09 07
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Cases in Melbourne have begun to fall

The Australian government says come mid-October it will allow 6,000 citizens a week - 2,000 more than currently allowed - to come home as Melbourne's second wave comes under control.

PM Scott Morrison said more than 24,000 Australians stranded overseas had registered to return.

In July, the country capped the number of returnees to ease the strain on the mandatory hotel quarantine system. Mistakes in that system had led to the virus's re-emergence in June in the state of Victoria.

However, expats had complained this policy meant flights home were near impossible to secure - with the London to Sydney route for example taking only 30 passengers per flight.

“With the success we have had as a country in recent months… we can start helping Australians getting home again,” Mr Morrison said.

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Australia to let more citizens come home
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