Atsakyti į pranešimą China is shocked by an outbreak of brucella bacteria
China is shocked by an outbreak of brucella bacteria

Prisijungė: 2020 09 07
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China is shocked by brucella bacteria Out of the vaccine factory More than 3 thousand already infected

The Chinese in Lanzhou were worried. Brucella bacteria outbreak After being released from an animal vaccine factory Since last year As a result, more than 3 thousand people have been infected.

On Sept. 18, 63, the Daily Mail website reported that there had been a disturbing incident in Lanzhou. Capital City, Gansu Province In northwestern China When there are 3,245 people in Lanzhou Infected with brucella bacteria That cause disease brucellosis (Brucellosis, sis) and after the disease has been released from the factory for animal vaccines. In Lanzhou city Since last year

Health workers in Lanzhou There have been 3,245 cases of brucella infection in Lanzhou so far out of 2.9 million people in the city, with health officials recently detecting 1,401 brucella cases during testing. Nearly 22,000 people, but no deaths yet.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the gas is contaminated with brucella bacteria. That came out of this animal vaccine factory The aerosol and the wind blowing to the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute. Until causing almost 200 people with brucella infection in December 2019 and later staff have tested the infection for students, teachers and staff at this research institute.

Lanzhou City Health Commission It said Friday, Sept. 18, that animals such as sheep, cattle and pigs, in large part, were involved in the brucella epidemic. Causing brucellosis This will cause fever at intervals for a long time, and then repeatedly, unstable, headache, fatigue, sweating, chills, body pain.

The vaccine factory has apologized to people in Lanzhou. At the beginning of last year Meanwhile, the factory license has been withdrawn for the brucellosis vaccine. And the factory has started to pay compensation to patients infected with brucella. Which is a disease that can infect animals to humans Since last October

Lanzhou City is located in a narrow and curved valley. Causing inconvenience It is also home to many factories. Including petroleum processing plants And Lanzhou was also affected by the dust storm blowing from the Gobi Desert.

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China is shocked by an outbreak of brucella bacteria
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