Atsakyti  praneim Wrong beliefs in "fasting" to lose weight.
Wrong beliefs in "fasting" to lose weight.

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Often people who want to lose weight. There is often a wrong belief that "dieting" can help you lose weight. Because the body will get less energy from food Then go to extract the accumulated body fat to be used instead But do you know? That dieting to lose weight is a terribly wrong idea. Because it will adversely affect the body in many ways

Not worth it If you are going to lose weight by dieting
Dieting, although in the early stages, can actually help you slim. But it is an imperative skinny Because the body does not remove fat away Because what the body loses when we lose weight is water, muscle and fat respectively.

Fasting impairs the metabolism, ie when the body receives less energy than it used to. The body will use energy from other parts. Therefore, the weight is reduced rapidly in the early stages. Because the water and muscle content is lost But as the body adjusts to use less energy as it consumes The body will burn less. Therefore weight does not lose in the later stages And when returning to eat The body has more or the same energy. But it burns less, so the condition of "yo-yo" or fat than before.

Lack of nutrition
Whether it is fasting for any meal The body is deficient in 5 food groups, especially those who want to lose weight urgently will refrain from eating carbohydrates. (Rice, flour, sugar) and fat, which should be enough to meet the needs of every meal. In the long run, the whole body will weaken. Because there is no power source And nutrients are not enough to nourish the organs, low blood sugar levels. Fatigue, lack of energy The brain is lethargic, slow. Then the body will release hormones that stimulate the feeling of hunger. To remind us to eat With the body almost running out of energy

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Wrong beliefs in "fasting" to lose weight.
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