Atsakyti  praneim The media unfolded, "Trump" knew COVID was serious
The media unfolded, "Trump" knew COVID was serious

Prisijung: 2020 09 07
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The media unfolded, "Trump" knew COVID was serious. But intentionally not giving importance

The Kyodo news agency reportedly disclosed by US media that President Donald Trump of the United States Recognizing that the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 How serious and easily spread But he deliberately did not focus on such matters in public.

The news reports cited information from a February audio recording that was intended to be used to write a book. The Washington Post and CNN received this audio clip.

The move could have an impact on President Trump's campaign. To run for another presidency in the November elections From the original that has been criticized for dealing with the epidemic already By COVID-19 That resulted in the deaths of approximately 190,000 people in the US and also contributed to a severe economic slowdown.

"You just take a breath. The virus has taken over you, President Trump told reporter on Feb. 7 with journalist Bob Woodward. More serious than a serious cold. "

Earlier, President Trump has shown disapproval of the COVID-19 virus. By comparing the virus only like influenza. He asked the public not to panic and said that the disease would now "pass" before he declared a state of emergency on March 13.

President Trump also gave another interview with the same journalist on March 19, asking why he had changed his view of the virus. To which President Trump said, "To be honest, I've always been intent on reducing the focus."

I still want to reduce the importance. Because I don't want the public to panic "

President Trump said.

The Washington Post and CNN said Bob Woodward was a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, having interviewed President Trump 18 times over the course of the month. Dec. last year to july this year To write a new book called "Rage", which will be released next Tuesday according to US time.

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The media unfolded, "Trump" knew COVID was serious
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