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Sweat a lot, what should I do?

Prisijungė: 2020 05 14
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The weather is very hot. Like the sun is working hard. Just go out for a moment Sweat is like a shower. Not already

Let's see how to reduce sweat, simple design. That you can do yourself At least it should help you get through this heat crisis more or less.

- Try to wear loose and light colored clothes. Light colored fabric will reduce heat absorption from outside air to the body. Do not wear dark or black shirts. Because it will absorb heat easily and more Makes you feel hot and sweat more than ever. In addition, choosing a shirt that is loose will allow more air flow. Causing not to be damp as well

- Wear shoes that are easy to ventilate, such as sandals or straw sandals. Instead of wearing sneakers or leather shoes Because the soles of your feet are the parts that your body uses for cooling. If you choose to wear sandals or sandals It will allow the soles of your feet to heat better and easier than a shoe cover. Moreover Wearing well-ventilated shoes will keep the soles of your feet from getting damp as well.

- Drink a lot of water, clean and pure water is very beneficial for the body. Drinking water on a hot day In addition to helping to cool it. It also reduces body temperature as well. When your body temperature drops The amount of sweat that comes out will also be reduced accordingly. Drinking water during this hot weather crisis will also reduce the risk of heat stroke.

- Adjust eating habits to be smaller meals instead of heavy meals because of eating heavy meals each time. The body requires a lot of energy to burn. Which will cause your body to have a higher temperature If you adjust eating into smaller meals Your metabolism will work less. Causing body temperature to drop as well

- Choose to eat foods that are cool, such as cucumber, watermelon, tomato, cantaloupe, grass jelly or chrysanthemum juice. Because these cold foods will balance your body temperature. Help quench body heat And helps reduce sweat as well

- Avoid foods that are spicy. Because food that is hot, such as papaya salad, tom yum yum, or foods with chili as an ingredient They are all food that calls for sweat.

- Reduce obesity, notice or not that Obese people tend to sweat more than normal physique people. Therefore, weight control should not exceed the standard. Because if you are overweight or too obese The fat that penetrates your body and pores will make it harder for your body to cool down. Causing you to sweat even more

In addition to the methods mentioned above Also try to stay in the shade. Not going out in the hot sun And take a shower to relieve body heat as well

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This post is very good and useful guys. Thanks for writing such beautiful articles. It gives multiple knowledge and the main interesting thing is that you can share your feeling here.
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Sweat a lot, what should I do?
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