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Supreme Caishen Slot Game.

Prisijung: 2020 09 03
Praneimai: 19
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SUPREME CAISHEN is a Chinese Joker style slots game. It contains almost all the Chinese symbols of the game. Get the graphics of this game. Will be similar Most will bring many of the auspicious things of China To put it in the game, such as the cat or the lucky cat, sometimes called Destiny cat Or more money than gold cat Most people have long been familiar with this cat.

Supreme Caishen has a total of 25 LINES lines, the first 3 of which are very important if one of them is missing. It will be considered void if the symbol on the bet line. Will win an award

The payout rate of this game It depends on each symbol. Different from going out Minimum starting from 2 baht - 888 baht according to the number of bets of the player. In which if a player bets a lot, it will multiply a lot according to the number of bets

There are two special symbols: Scatter. Regardless of the position, 1, 2 and 3 represent all symbols in the game. Called if it appears on the wheel Can win an award immediately The second symbol is the Free Game symbol, if it appears in any field but 3 or more will go into Free Game mode 10 times. In Free Game Joker mode there will be another special. What is spinning But will get more and less depending on the set of symbols as well as if you play in the free game mode There will be an uncle holding a gamecock at slots 2 and 4 if the spin gets the highest prize The chicken will come out in the whole house. Or spin whatever you like Considered to be another game that earns a lot of money
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Prisijung: 2020 11 05
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Supreme Caishen Slot Game.
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